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Ayoola is a leading cyber security expert in Nigeria. He started out as a website developer in 2002 but today, he runs - an outfit that provides top-notch website development, online marketing and general marketing materials for businesses.

He is an innovator per excellence

Innovation is not strange to Ayoola, he is himself an innovator extraordinaire. A creative web content builder per excellence, Ayoola combined his creativity, doggedness and entrepreneurial spirit to establish - a FREE website development (CMS/CMF) framework. Since 2011 and till date, PageCarton  has been helping thousands of people worldwide to create secure and beautiful web pages.

About Ayoola

This is the guy called "Ayoola FALOLA" - Speaking to your business sense
Here are some of the projects that I am involved in

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A tool to build a great website in 2 hrs or less - fast n easy. Automate things programmers & designers spend several hours putting together.  Amazing!

About PageCarton


An outfit that provides top-notch website development, social media / internet marketing and general marketing materials for businesses.

About ComeRiver


A user-friendly and headache eliminating, online platform that allows you to assess candidates for free at your own discretion!

About ExamTone

How to spot a scam lie and fraudulent business

Hey there friends... based on popular demand. Here's my advice to you on how to spot fake "businesses".

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The principles of blowing one's own trumpet (Review of Public Opinion)

While going developing an article on "writing proposals and CVs". A question came up about if its right to blow one's own trumpet. Is it a good practice to always speak good about oneself? If yes, then how do you do it without seeming proud?

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The wise, and their attitude to learning

The wise take lessons from everyone, everywhere, every situation and every time.

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Social Media Censorship Bill: How it affects us [Radio Interview]

[Radio Interview] The social media censorship bill recently passed second reading in the Nigeria Senate. What is this bill about? How does it affect us as a nation?

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My Note: Repositioning for advantages - a practical financial intelligence training

I feel so bad for not inviting you my friends; a lot of things that you should have heard by yourself. So I'm compelled to share my personal note, jotted during the event, with you.

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