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How do I go about my business? I speak, blog, consult on ICT and business success. I also run an enterprise that provide marketing and branding materials for businesses.

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When it feels like business is not working

by: joywealth | 2 days ago in Business , Article
When it feels like business is not working, you need to take a deep breathe and remind yourself a few things. Hope you would find them inspiring. :)

1. Business is not a do-or-die affair:
You will find it more comfortable to live as an employee than to be a dead CEO. Make it an habit to only do business with a peace of mind. Don't do business on a level that could give you an heart attack.

2. That business is not the only thing you can do right:
You can be successful at anything you put your whole might to do. Your business is not doing you a favor. You are the boss!

3. You can't afford to loose faith:
No matter what your level of faith is, in the business; No one believes in your vision more than you. If your business must succeed, you can't be a spectator in it.

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Defining Opportunities

by: joywealth | 1 wk ago in Business , Article
One of the most abundant resource available to all creation. After an in-depth look into the under-used resource called "opportunity"; I took the following notes:

1. One is more likely to have more opportunities than problems in every situations.

2. Every new thing; presents it's own unique opportunities.

3. Opportunity don't usually come out well packaged with a name-tag on it.

4. It's easier to spot an opportunity from the outside than from the inside.

5. Taking an opportunity entails leaving one. The economists will remember "Opportunity Cost".

6. Preparation is not a pre-requisite for an opportunity. If you are not qualified, it's not your opportunity.

7. The process of "making a living" is similar to the process of "discovering an opportunity".

8. Some of the most trivialized opportunities are friendship, location, lineage, peace, marriage.

9. Commonly abused Opportunities are sex, leadership, social amenities and public infrastructures.

10. Opportunity is never a destination, it is usually a layer that has a capability of replenishing itself.

11. As an opportunity gives you some privileges, it also takes some from you.

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Ember-month business prophesies

by: joywealth | 3 wks ago in Business , Article
Three things will likely happen to you before this year runs out. You need to be smart to be able to choose your experience. Let us discuss those three things and how they could affect you and your business.
  1. Corporate fraudstars will soon package some useless mouth-watering deals and label it: "Ember month awoof". Remember that Father Christmas is not a Nigerian. Any Father Christmas Show outside of Rome is likely a rip-off.
  2. Intensive promotions and adverts will soon inspire you to spend your year-long and hard-earned savings. My advice to you is to secure your savings in this season.
  3. If you are not into a seasonal business. Remaining few months promises to bring you more sales than you have received since January. Why? Because we all want to accomplish new things before the year runs out.
    Don't just expect it though, intensify on your promotional efforts and sue me if it doesn't work. :)

Moral Lessons:

  • Be wise!
  • Position yourself for the best of this season.
  • Spend more money on things that will bring you "returns".

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