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I am a business solutions provider. I have established a venture whereby businesses have access to resources that help them grow.

How do I go about my business? I speak, blog, consult on ICT and business success. I also run an enterprise that provide marketing and branding materials for businesses.

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Client’s Anatomy: What to do while waiting for his call

So what will you do now that he has decided not to call back? What can you do? When a client has put you on hold?

Client's Anatomy: Why didn't he call back?

Anyone that inquires about your products or services is a very important person to you. Now what if he disappears after your first contact?

I wish Linda Ikeji was on my list :)

Do you know you can get kicked out of your social media anytime without notification or apology? Read this.

When it feels like business is not working

When it feels like business is not working, you need to take a deep breathe and remind yourself a few things. Hope you would find them inspiring. :)

Defining Opportunities

One of the most abundant resource available to all creation. After an in-depth look into the under-used resource called "opportunity"; I took the following notes:

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