7 things that would keep you in business

Here is a summary of a teaching I held on Blackberry Messenger, highlighting seven things that could guarantee you a space in the future of your business.

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You have once heard, that a started task is half finished. That's however not the case for a business. You are only half-way to success; the moment you established the things that would keep you in business:

  1. Vision:
    The vision of your business or organization must be clear and understandable. Decisions you are taking on behalf of your business must go in line with realization of this vision.
  2. Feedback:
    enables you to keep track of your business; how it affects you and the society. A business without adequate feedback mechanism will soon go out of hand (or out of business).
  3. Money:
    don't make it an habit; to do business without money. Strive to own money to do business with. If your skill, network, passion etc. is still the only tool you have for business, you need to grow up.
  4. Advertisement:
    if your business must grow, you must outgrow the stage where you are both the provider and the canvasser. Advertisement takes the yoke of finding your next client from you. Allowing you to face your job.
  5. Clientele:
    Continuously make a list of the ways by which your products or service has been of use. This helps you to get a sense of fulfillment in what you are doing.
  6. PLAY:
    No matter how passionate you are about your job, you will soon grow tired of it if you don't allow some "play" time. "Play" time is also a time of refreshing ones creativity and mind.
    Getting new ways to better provide service is one of the most effective ways of maintaining relevance.


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