My Notes from the Business Beginners Class

From the last BBM Broadcast session of a 10 - day business beginners class, these are thoughts that will surely help you as you grow your business.

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What should be your goal for business?

Make more money :).

If your goal of being in business is more religious or "moral" than those three words, you are yet not in business.

Are you saying that business is just about that "evil" thing called money?

YES! It is, and you better back-off before it turns you too into an evil being :).

Your kind of business may have other things that would influence our golden goal but you must be sure where everything is headed - your bank account.

Things like passion, religion, love etc. Any of those things are valid things that could compel you to start a business. But here is a warning:

Do not start a business until you are ready to make some more money.

Now that your goals have been set, the next thing is to get to know what you would sell.

Armed with the right product. Your business is at an advantage.

Your selling point is that product or service that:

  1. You have the mental, financial and emotional ability to offer,
  2. Will cost you less to offer than it will cost you to sell.

Rest is an essential element of growth in business.

A business that doesn't give you a day of rest is not your business. Begin to look elsewhere.

The product or service you are offering may be anything EXCEPT your birthright.

Your birthright is anything that puts you at an advantage over your contemporaries. Guard it with the last drop of your blood.

Product or service delivery order

Write these down and don't ever forget. Put them (in order) to use in product or service delivery.

  1. Nothing is greater than something.
  2. Quantity is greater than nothing.
  3. Quality is greater than quantity
  4. Consistency is greater than quality.


Money is good for your business. Feedback is better. Take time to listen to your clients.

Share your thoughts about the 10 day business class. I want to hear about what you have learnt so far and suggestions.



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