11 characteristics of a "true" Chief Executive Owner (CEO)

Do you have your own business or about to start one? Check out these proven qualities to see if you have what it takes to succeed.

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You have your own business or you are about to start one. Check out these proven qualities to see if you have what it takes to succeed.

  1. He prefers business growth to personal growth.
  2. He maintains a distinct Business and Self personality.
  3. He acquires skills necessary to make sales. He never does a business he lacks capacity to sell.
  4. He is never discouraged at an instance of failure.
  5. He Always speak boldly and optimistic about the great future of his business.
  6. He won't stop connecting with people that would help him grow his business. He values relationship and connections.
  7. He has an understanding that he naturally doesn't have the capability to be richer than any of his businesses. He intentionally causes his business to be richer.
  8. He acknowledges his shortcomings but he never allows mediocrity in business.
  9. He has a dedicated mentor for business purpose. His mentor is an intellectual that has something inside that is profitable for business success.
  10. He is a man that poses strength and energy. He has enough ginger to inspire other team members to a collective success.
  11. He understands his job well enough to know when he isn't performing it effectively enough. He is not ashamed to pass on his leadership role.


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